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Olsommer-Clarke's Commercial CSA April Bagnick's Son Receives Honor

Congratulations Tyler Bagnick! On Monday, May 16th, 2016, Western Wayne's Varsity Baseball Team played their last home game of the season. Before the game, they held a ceremony to honor the senior members of the team. Tyler, the son of our Commercial CSA, April Bagnick and her husband, Will was honored. Tyler is a 4 year member of the Western Wayne Baseball Team and will be continuing his education after graduation at York College where he is majoring in Sports Management.

Jeffrey Olsommer named to IA&B Government Relations Board

Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group President Jeffrey H. Olsommer has recently been appointed by the Insurance Agents and Brokers (IA&B) to serve on its Government Relations Committee.

IA&B, an organization representing independent insurance agents in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, monitors, through its Government Relations Committee, legislation and regulations that affect its membership not only in their respective state capitols, but at the federal level, as well. ”I look forward to working hands-on with the IA&B at this level,” noted Olsommer, “and feel that my years of experience within the insurance industry position me to not only serve the interests of insurance agents, but the best interests of the millions of clients they serve throughout Pennsylvania.”

Following his 1990 graduation from East Stroudsburg University, Olsommer began his 25-year insurance career in what was then the Olsommer Barnes Insurance Associates, Inc. where he played a key role in making the agency one of Erie Insurance’s top commercial insurance producers. In 2000, he was named president when the company became the Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group, which in the following years was expanded to include offices in Moscow, Hamlin and Honesdale to better serve its growing numbers of personal and commercial insurance clients.

Olsommer is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), one of the insurance industry’s premier, proven designations since 1969. Offered through the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, the CIC program covers aspects in personal lines, commercial casualty, life and health, commercial property, and agency management.

A lifelong Wayne Countian, Jeff serves as a Director on the Western Wayne Education Foundation, is Chairman of the Sterling United Methodist Church Board of Trustees and Chairman of Board for Sterling Township Supervisors. He resides in Sterling with his wife, Kelli Fantauzzo.

Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group, The Chamber of the Northern Poconos and Penn National Insurance to host vital Cyber Liability Luncheon

Cyber Liability and Data Breach coverages by Olsommer Clarke Insurance

If you believe your business is too small to be targeted by hackers or that you don’t have anything worth stealing, think again. According to a 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers study, the overall number of detected cyber incidents “exploded in the past year,” increasing by 48 percent over 2013 figures, while the Small Business Administration cited that 1 in 5 small businesses falls victim to a cybercrime.

It’s a grim scenario to imagine: A hacker has stolen your customers’ names, contact information, bank or credit card data, birth dates and/or your employees’ social security numbers. Your website is disabled; you can’t take orders; you can’t collect payments to maintain your cash flow. Your Point-of-Sale system and Cloud Services are compromised via sophisticated malware designed to steal data and money from your business computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Insurance that protects you in the event of a cyberattack may seem only appropriate for large corporations, but cyber liability insurance makes a great deal of sense for small companies as well. In order to provide you with the information needed with regard to this ever-looming threat, the Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group, together with Penn National Insurance and The Chamber of the Northern Poconos will host a Cyber Liability Luncheon open to Chamber members on March 20th from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Annetta DeYoung Community Room at the Chamber’s Honesdale location at 32 Commercial Street.

According to Jeffrey H. Olsommer, CIC Principal of the Olsommer Clarke Insurance Group, Inc.,  “No business is immune unless it unplugs from the Web. Whether a breach is small or large scale, businesses better have the coverage in place or the money on hand to pay for the consequences as fines and requirements levied by the Federal Government could push many out of business. Our agency offers a wide variety of Cyber Liability and Data Breach coverages, and many times we can endorse this coverage to an existing policy. When your business has a larger exposure to this risk, we suggest a special policy specific to Cyber liability and Data Breach as we have several carriers that have policies that cover these exposures.”

The luncheon presentation will highlight the facts that Cyber Liability and Data Breach coverages which are:

 1.  More affordable than you think. "I've seen policies with premiums as low as $2,000 a year, though it can go up from there," says Ethan Miller, partner at the San Francisco law firm Hogan Lovells. You can get coverage as high as $30 million and deductibles as low as $10,000, depending on your needs and what you're willing to pay. Cyber liability insurance is still a fairly new concept, so there's a lot of variation among policies, and a lot of room for negotiation. Lower limits can be endorsed to existing commercial policies for a few hundred dollars.

2.  Structured to cover more than you think.  Many policies offer "first party" coverage--that is, they will pay you for things like business interruption, the cost of notifying customers of a breach, and even the expense of hiring a public relations firm to repair any damage done to your image as a result of a cyberattack. Having this cash available in the event of a crippling hack can keep the lights on until you're able to resume your normal cash flow. A good policy can even cover any regulatory fines or penalties you might incur because of a data breach. Business interruption coverage can be especially important for a small business, Miller says, which may not be as diversified as a larger one, or have the same financial resources. "If a larger company has one line of business shut down by a data breach, it may be able to depend on its other lines for revenue. A smaller company may only have one line of business."

3.  Designed to bridge the risk management gap. Big corporations have entire departments devoted to analyzing the risks the company could face and helping set policies and procedures to protect against them. You don't, but a good insurance carrier can perform a similar function. "There are a couple of ways insurance can bridge that gap," Miller says. "An insurer might work with a small company to make sure a firewall is in place to protect your network, and make sure you have social media policies that reduce risk." Your insurer may well be willing to help with these areas because the better protected you are, the less likely you are to have a breach that could result in a claim.

4.  Protection with regard to your legal responsibility for a data loss. Is your website and any of your data hosted or stored in the cloud? Take a good look at your contracts: You're still legally responsible. "There's a significant risk," says Karen L. Stevenson, senior counsel at Buchalter Nemer, a law firm with offices in California and Arizona. You can't fully control how a cloud provider handles your data, but an insurance policy can protect you if your cloud provider screws up.

5.  Security for catastrophic cyberattack losses. Typically, a general liability policy specifically excludes losses incurred because of the Internet, Miller says. So a good cyber liability policy can pick up where your general policy leaves off. Make sure your cyber policy covers laptops and mobile devices as well, to give yourself coverage in as many situations as you can. "Work with your broker to integrate cyber liability with your general policy and employment liability policy," Miller advises. "You want to give yourself the most seamless coverage possible."

If you are a business and want more information about becoming a Chamber member, please call Debbie Gillette of The Chamber of the Northern Poconos at (570) 253-1960 or email her at

About Us: At Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group, our primary focus is on providing the most comprehensive policies at the most competitive rates for our clients in Hawley, Hamlin, Honesdale, PA and the nearby areas. Our personalized approach and dedication to offering quality insurance plans has established us as a long-standing and trusted provider in the community. We are steadfastly committed to a level of excellent service that not only protects our clients from risk, but offers complete peace of mind. We take great pride in setting the highest standards in the insurance industry by operating with honesty and integrity at all times.

Olsommer-Clarke Holds Halloween Costume Contest For Charity

Halloween is here and Olsommer-Clarke is again holding its Halloween Costume Contest for Charity.  Employees at the agency designate a charity, which if voted the best costume, will receive a $500 donation from Olsommer-Clarke.  So come vote now and vote often, simply click on the notification box.  Have a Happy Halloween.

Olsommer-Clarke & Penn National Contribute to Chamber Choice Program

Mike Stout and Corrin CwalinskiMike Stout, Commercial Producer, and Corrin Cwalinski, Commercial Service Agent, present a check payable to policyholders of Penn National.  The Program called Chamber Choice is offered by Olsommer--Clarke through Penn Mutual. Policyholders of Olsommer-Clarke that participate are receiving a portion of the dividends paid to the Chamber Choice Program.  Mike and Corrin represented Olsommer-Clarke when the checks were distributed by Penn National.  Call us today to see if you can qualify for a return on your insurance costs today!  800-566-8999.  Ask for Jeff!

Olsommer-Clarke Exhibits at Annual Home and Garden Festival

John Clarke and Cindy Cepko at the ShowThis past weekend, we had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Wayne County Builders Home and Garden Festival at Ladore Camp & Conference Center in Waymart. This year's show was held April 26-27th. Our team consisted of Don Olsommer, John Clarke, and Mike Stout. Pictured is John Clarke along with Cindy Cepko of Forest Homes of Lake Wallenpaupack.

Guarding Against Ice Dams

Winter storms have brought with them melting and freezing ice and snow which cause ice dams.  To assist you in preventing damage to your home or business, we encourage you to:

  • Clear the first three to four feet of snow closest to the gutters of overhangs of your roof after a storm to  prevent the ice dam.  In addition, accumulated snow, ice, and melt-off may create additional weight and stress on your roof, particularly flat roofs or roofs with changes in elevation that allow driving.
  • Clear your downspouts so melting snow will flow easily.
  • Look carefully at large icicles. If the icicles are confined to the gutters and there is no water trapped behind them, this does not indicate the presence of an ice dam. However, large icicles can pose a danger to people when they fall off. Try to safely knock the icicles off from the ground, making sure not to stand directly beneath them. If you cannot reach them safely from the ground, consider hiring a contractor to help.


Olsommer-Clarke Launches New Website

We are always looking for ways to enhance our service to our clients.  Our new website is designed to do just that.  Our Client Resources Center allows you to send requests on your insurance any time - day or night!  In addition, you will find videos, useful resources. and our blog.  We hope you will come back often to see what is new at Olsommer-Clarke.

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Recent News

Congratulations Tyler Bagnick! On Monday, May 16th, 2016, Western Wayne's Varsity Baseball Team played their last home game of the season. Before the game, they...

Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group President Jeffrey H. Olsommer has recently been appointed by the Insurance Agents and Brokers (IA&B) to serve on its Government...

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