1934 Ford Pickup Great 8 Award Winner at 2018 Detroit Autorama

What a custom beauty!!! A BIG Congratulations to one of our clients, Danielle Lutz of Moscow, PA and her 1934 Ford Pickup for becoming a Great 8 Award Winner at the 2018 Detroit Autorama!

Danielle is the second woman ever… and the youngest… to win a Great 8 position at the Grandaddy of the American custom car show events. When the Great 8 Winners were chosen this past Friday the top eight finalists were set for the Ridler Award competition. Eight custom vehicles were selected out of 30 + cars in the Ridler Award competition. These top eight vehicles are called the Great 8 sponsored by Pirelli. By definition of the rules they all must be fresh builds, never shown anywhere before.

Danielle’s builder was Jason Graham Hot Rods of Portland, Tennessee. 347 ci small block Ford motor, Englese stacked injection, Tremec 5-speed transmission and a Winter Quick Change rear end which is exposed. The interior by Gil Vigil of Speed & Design is done in made-to-order special leather. The paint was done in an original Ford Washington blue color by PPG. Chrome was done by Advance Plating. Danielle had the truck for two years before she sent it down to Jason Graham’s shop. Graham will spend the next year showing the all-steel 1934 Ford Pickup at national shows. Then, Danielle says, when she gets it back home she intends to drive it.

Danielle, we wish you the best of luck and a great ride in your beautiful custom pickup!!! You rocked it, girl! Congratulations from all of us at Olsommer Clarke Insurance!