Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group Annual Dress For Charity Halloween Costume Contest


Olsommer-Clarke will donate 3 CASH prizes to 3 of our chosen 2018 charities* on behalf of the employee dressing for that charity. Pick 3 favorites with your vote and see which one (s) make 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Disclaimer: If you have only 1 favorite you can choose only that one with your vote if you want. You do not have to pick 3 choices with your vote! We just thought it would be more fun, fun fun to pick more!

There is NO VOTING on facebook! Thanks in advance for participating in our contest. Have a great and safe Halloween!

*Our charities are chosen by each individual employee dressing for our contest! All are so important to our communities and we appreciate all of them. Cash prizes are $500- first place! $250- second place! $100- third place!

Voting instructions: Voting opens on October 31st. This year you are allowed 3 choices with your vote. Simply click on the radial button next to your favorite 3 costumes in the POLL at the bottom of this page. Voting is that easy! Watch our facebook page for the winners!

2018 Costumes and Charities



Charity: The Wayne County Food Pantry

The Wayne County Pantry Program is sponsored through County Government. It is operated under the leadership of the Wayne County Pantry Board which is comprised of private citizens. Board members are also coordinators at each of the pantry sites. The Wayne County Pantry Program has five sites located in strategic areas of the County to serve eligible County residents. The five food pantry sites can be found in Honesdale, Lakeville, Newfoundland, Lakewood and Damascus. If you are interested in becoming involved with the food pantry or would like further information, please contact us at (570) 253-4646 or kterry@waynecountypa.gov



Charity: Katie Foundation

Katie Shoener’s story made news across the US and around the world and went viral on social media. Her obituary spoke to the feelings and needs of people with mental illness and the families and friends that care about people with mental illness. Katie’s story is inspiring people to speak up about mental illness and the need for openness and compassion.



Charity: Valley with a Heart

To inspire and encourage community involvement in the effort to help, aid and improve the quality of life for children inflicted with serious illness through monetary and spiritual support.







Darlene [Dolly] (SHOT GUN GRAMMY)

Charity: The Dessin Animal Shelter of Wayne County

Since its beginning, the Dessin Animal Shelter, a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1968 by mother and daughter, Olga and Dorothea Dessin, has been a means of survival for thousands of unwanted animals abandoned or surrendered for a variety of reasons. The shelters unwavering commitment is to provide the best possible comfort and care for each and every animal in its care. Every pet is spayed or neutered before adoption, and has been started on a vaccination and worming program. Dessin Animal Shelter-570-253-4037  \  Marlene Metzger, Human Society Police Officer. 570-493-3377. For additional information, please go to www.dessinshelter.com





Robin (SPIDER)

Charity: Christopher Rowan Foundation

The purpose of the Christopher Rowan Memorial Fund is to honor this young man’s memory by helping youth experience the very activities that he enjoyed and believed in so strongly throughout his lifetime. All donations will be used to sponsor activities such as youth pheasant hunts for first-time hunters and fishing events to encourage kids to get out and enjoy these sports safely and responsibly. Ultimately, as donations are forthcoming for this fledgling program, funds will not only be used to support our hunting and fishing initiatives, but an annual donation to the Nebzydoski White Memorial Jr. Livestock Sale Scholarship will be made to help provide scholarships to participants in the Wayne County Livestock Program.

John  (M & M)

Charity: North Pocono Food Bank

The North Pocono Food Pantry, which has been feeding needy families in Lackawanna County for over 20 years, is a cooperative effort of all the churches located in the North Pocono area. Coordinated through St. Catherine of Siena Church in Moscow, the Pantry operates out of Bills Shopping Center in Daleville and offers non-perishable foods and household cleaning supplies on a monthly basis. Additionally, each family is provided a Thanksgiving turkey and a ham at Easter. When donated, items such as fresh eggs are also included in the monthly offerings. Currently, over 300 families are served by the Pantry. Those wishing to donate items or needing additional information should contact Mary at the St. Catherine of Siena Church office, 570-842-4561.


Charity: Hardin County United Way

United Way offers innovative solutions to build stronger individuals and communities, engaging people from all walks of life to become part of those solutions. When you give to United Way, you’re helping improve lives and strengthen communities by: 1. Supporting international education initiatives like Born Learning, which has helped more than 15 million parents become their child’s first teacher.  2. Fueling efforts like 2-1-1, which connects millions of people to essential services.





Charity: Newfoundland Library

Together let’s keep our local libraries alive!






Corrin (LUCIFER)

Charity: The Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

The Griffin Pond Animal Shelter was established as the Humane Society of Lackawanna County in 1938 to provide shelter for homeless, unwanted, and abused animals. A charitable registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization serving Lackawanna and Wyoming counties, Griffin Pond is the only animal shelter in Lackawanna County.

In keeping with its mission to investigate, help prosecute and prevent cruelty to animals; promote adoption awareness, humane education and responsible pet ownership it cares for the many animals surrendered to the shelter until new loving homes for them are found. The shelter currently cares for over 200 animals on a daily basis at a considerable cost when staffing, feeding, medicinal and supplies are taken into consideration. It also provides for animals that are sick, elderly or injured who are in its custody as the result of owner surrenders and cruelty case investigations.

The shelter is not affiliated with The HSUS, the ASPCA or any other organization, and as such it is totally funded by private donations.



Charity: Mission 22

According to a department of veterans affairs study each day over 20 veterans take their own lives. It takes a community to heal a warrior. Join mission 22 to let our vets know that they have an army behind them. Your donation dollars assist us in getting veterans treatment when they need it the most, right now.  www.mission22.com


Voting is open from 9 AM until Midnight. You are allowed to vote 3 times!  Choose your 3 favorites and see if they make 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!  Simply click on the radial button next to your favorite costume (s). Voting is that easy!

Vote For Your Favorite Costume (s)

Jeff Olsommer – Wayne Pike Food Pantry
Jon Walker – Hardin County United Way
Cheryl Bancroft – Newfoundland Library
Dolly O’Connell-Hall – Dessin Animal Shelter
April Bagnick – Katie Foundation
Robin Rowan – Christopher Rowan Foundation
Don Olsommer – Valley with a Heart
John Clarke – North Pocono Food Bank
Corrin Cwalinski – Griffin Pond Animal Shelter
Kaitlin Warnock – Mission 22
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